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Selecting the right people for your organization might be the most important decisions you make. We can support you through the entire process or just help you with selected steps.

Needs and profile analysis. Every search starts from analysing the positions and needed profile. Sometimes this is very straight forward, sometimes it is  good to spend a bit more time with the profile to ensure  we are indeed clear on competences we are seeking. We bring structured approach to analyse the job and the situation. As an outcome, we have a clear target profile for the position and we can create an advertisement and select the right media for candidate sourcing.

Candidate sourcing. For some positions, we may already have candidates in our candidate pool. But in many cases, it is worthwhile to advertise the position in selected media. We also work closely with local schools and unemployment offices for the best possible reach.

Pre-selection and candidate communication. For the most popular jobs, the number of applications can be overwhelming. We will help you by receiving the applications and creating a long list through CV selection and phone interviews. We will also inform those candidates who are not selected.

Assessment. Sometimes the selection is not easy or there is a need to to have further assurances and support for induction. A trained psychologist will do the assessment against the profile defined in the beginning and provides feedback on the the candidates. Also candidates receive feedback, which helps them and the company to design effective induction and training plan for the future.

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